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Individual Taxation

Leverage CTK's tax expertise to maximise your tax refund.

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Save time and maximise deductions on your individual tax return

In Australia, tax returns are generally due by 31 October of each year for the previous tax year, which runs from 1 July to 30 June. However, individuals may be eligible for a tax extension if they are unable to meet the deadline.

To prepare an individual tax return, individuals need to gather their income and tax-related documentation, such as pay slips, bank statements, and receipts for tax deductions. They can then use this information to complete their tax return, either manually or using online tax software.

Why choose CTK Accounting when it comes to Individual Taxation

CTK Accounting can save you money on your tax return by:

  • Identifying tax deductions and credits such as work-related expenses, charitable donations, or self-education expenses
  • Maximizing your tax deductions by ensuring that you are claiming all of the deductions you are entitled to and by helping you to accurately calculate the value of your deductions.
  • Advising on tax planning strategies and taking advantage of tax concessions and incentives.
  • Helping you structure your investments or business in a tax-effective manner.

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